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Healthy Meal Standard (HMS) is international Nutrition Category Management System, a norm followed by certificate. For more info please visit

We can consult you in food and beverage, nutrition and IT services. Please refer to our list of clients, send inquiry and let us see how we can help you today.

All our company’s products are the result of real needs in the market, and our research is published annually in the form of scientific papers.

We are very well versed in the EU projects that we partner on. Be it a research EU project or Erasmus project we did it all. 

Nutricomm is a one-day conference in the field of nutrition, biotechnology and food science, which aims to bring together professionals and interested public related to food, tourism, technology, innovation and education.

Develop a specific target audience with the ultimate goal of creating true customer engagement. Change and enhance your customer’s behavior toward your company

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Clikis network

Clikis conference in Berlin, April 2022

European CLIKIS-Network Conference u Berlinu
On April 8, 2022, the European conference on climate-friendly and sustainable school meals will be held in Berlin.

Under the motto “The future needs healthy and sustainable nutrition”, the aim is that all people – especially young people – must have access to healthy and sustainable food. Good food – not only for the people – also for the climate!

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Our story begins with Healthy Meal Standard back in 2014 when our project was in the early stages and won the Unicredit foundation award which was put together by Impact Hub Zagreb. From then on, Healthy Meal Standard has proven it can change the situation regarding special dietary needs in hotels, schools and kindergartens, for the better. It is implemented in all the schools and kindergartens in the city of Sisak. In 2020 we won a spot at the prestigious SPG academy in Graz, Austria where we are looking forward to develop our new brand – printelex.

RED FORK is a company for research & development in biotechnology. It was founded in 2016 and it represents a unique blend of expert knowledge, passion and team work in the area of biotechnology, nutrition, business and additive technology as well as IT science. 

Branimir Spajić is the CEO and Diana Gluhak Spajić is the procurator of the company

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