CLIKIS and Healthy Meal Standard CHEF’S ACADEMY

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CLIKIS and Healthy Meal Standard CHEF'S ACADEMY is an education for cooking staff of elementary schools in the City of Sisak, which took place on March 19, 2022, at the Bobetko Brothers Elementary School.

In CLIKIS and the Healthy Meal Standard Academy for Culinary Workers, several theoretical educations were held, which included previous CLIKIS activities in elementary schools, an expert review of electricity consumption measurements, and information on how to make climate-sustainable meals. Principal Karolina Čutuk gave a welcome speech, and after that the practical part of the academy began, where elementary schools randomly chose a climate-sustainable dish to prepare. The academy was in the form of educations and competitions in knowledge and the best culinary preparation, where the best elementary schools in gastronomy and nutrition won valuable prizes in the form of small kitchen appliances. All elementary school employees who participated in the education received certificates of participation. The elementary schools that prepared the best dishes and share the first place in the competition are

Elementary School "22. Lipnja": Kristina Tominac & Bojan Pavlić with the meal "PASTA WITH BEANS AND VEGETABLES, GREEN SALAD AND MANDARIN" and
Elementary School Galdovo: Senka Vuković & Dijana Šipuš with the dish "BEANS AND VEGETABLE STEW AND CAKE WITH PLUMS".


The meals were evaluated by: Branimir Spajić, manager of the CLIKIS project, Diana Gluhak Spajić, manager of Healthy Meal Standard Sisak, Patricija Kreš, nutritionist and collaborator on the CLIKIS project, Ana Stuparić, professional chef of the CLIKIS project, Ana Knežević, PR expert for the CLIKIS project, and Mirna Brnad, leader and chief cook of Braća Bobetko elementary school.

The CLIKIS project aims to develop climate-sustainable kitchens by comprehensively measuring energy consumption and, in cooperation with German partners as project leaders, calculate the climate footprint of the meals that are on the menus of Sisak elementary schools. The ultimate goal is the development of strategic guidelines for climate-balanced nutrition in elementary schools in the City of Sisak.

You can read more about the CLIKIS project here:

The Academy is fully financially supported by the EUKI project CLIKIS, in which Germany, Estonia and Croatia are partners in this financing cycle. In Croatia, the RED FORK company for research and development in biotechnology is the project holder, and the main partner in the activities is the City of Sisak, together with all primary schools.

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Branimir Spajić

Branimir Spajić

Branimir Spajić

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