Press conference for the new project called "MY WORLD OF FOOD OF THE FUTURE"

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On Friday, January 28, 2022, at a press conference in Sisak, the Croatian Association for Consumer Protection presented the project "My world of food for the future", which is financed by the Ministry of Science and Education.

The project will be implemented in the Viktorovac Primary School in Sisak, which is also a partner in the project.

Partners are also the Administrative Department for Education, Culture, Sports, Veterans and Civil Society of the City of Sisak, RED FORK - a company for research and development in biotechnology, the association "Đeram" from Petrinja, which preserves traditional village culture, and "Probion". " - student association of the Faculty of Food and Biotechnology in Zagreb.

The project is implemented through non-institutional education of students from 5th to 8th grade through interactive workshops, involvement of student volunteers and transfer of knowledge in the field of nutrition and environmental protection.

Activities include workshops for students that will be held from March to June 2022 through lectures and presentations, screenings of short films and illustrations, and demonstrations of individual activities.

The goal of the project is to familiarize high school students with healthy eating and a healthy lifestyle, reducing food waste and its disposal, useful and empty calories, reading declarations, online shopping and the dangers of aggressive food and beverage marketing. Association "Đeram" will show students how food was prepared and stored in the past, without refrigerators and without wasting food.

After the training, a round table will be held with representatives of the city of Sisak, where the results of the project will be presented and the possibilities of connecting civic education and education with this and similar contents will be discussed.

The project will end with a conference where students, teachers, parents and the media will be presented with the progress and results of the project.

The expected results of the project should educate students and parents about a sustainable healthy life, more rational use of food and water, reducing the consumption of unhealthy food and drinks, reducing food waste and better environmental protection, as well as raising the awareness of city authorities about the need for financing projects. they contribute to improving the quality of health and life of young people, as well as environmental protection and sustainable development.

The Croatian Association for Consumer Protection has decided to participate in activities to reduce childhood obesity on this topic, students are young consumers whose changed habits can affect what their world of food will be like in the future - the use of healthy food that is locally produced and not transported far away are from the generation of large amounts of CO2 that Croatia must reduce, which is one of the EU's goals.

Green economy, recycling and zeroing by 2050 are the goals of the European Union in which this generation of students will be very active, and we hope that with this project we will create the basic conditions for their participation.




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Branimir Spajić

Branimir Spajić

Branimir Spajić

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