Presentation on the implementation of HMS for employees of city kindergartens

by Branimir Spajić | May 4, 2022 | 0 comments


Yesterday, the first educational lecture about the new project of the City of Varaždin – Healthy Meal Standard was held in the Herzer Palace; healthy eating and management of the nutrition system for employees of Varaždin Kindergarten. The lecture was attended by about a hundred employees of the Varaždin Kindergarten, who were introduced to the new legal framework, regulations and standards, nutrition and proper nutrition in the kindergarten, and the steps that await them in changing the system in the next few months. The new menus, which will show the first adjustments that will last several months, start next Monday. The first in a series of educations and preparations was also attended by the Deputy Mayor of Varaždin, Mr. Marković: "The vision and mission of the City of Varaždin is to ensure that meals in kindergartens follow the highest nutritional standards from an early age to impart healthy eating habits. Our goal is for them to grow into healthy people one day, and the first steps are the most important. This system will allow us to choose improvements for kindergartens year after year that are in line with national and international guidelines, from selecting quality food to training staff and equipping kitchens." Lectures were held by food science experts from RED FORK. implementation of the Healthy Meal Standard system in all city kindergartens. As part of new scientific data that more and more children are struggling with obesity and associated diseases, the City of Varaždin has decided to systematically and transparently take care of the youngest through visible planned investments.


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Taken from the Healthy Meal Standard website and Facebook page of the City of Varaždin

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Branimir Spajić

Branimir Spajić

Branimir Spajić

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