Online conference of the Dynamic project and the role of RED FORK

by Branimir Spajić | Sep 4, 2020 | 0 comments



The conference was aimed at strengthening cooperation between education and the economy and the future development of dual education in higher education. International scientific conference University Business Cooperation in International Dual Higher Education was supposed to be held in Sofia, Bulgaria, but due to the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic, it was held online from September 3-4, 2020. You can see more about the conference here:

The aforementioned conference is just another great activity that is part of the Erasmus EU project called "DYNAMIC - Towards Adaptive Engineering Curricula through the Europeanization of Dual Higher Education". The honor of delivering the opening speech and lecture went to Maria Gabriel, European Commissioner for Innovation, Research, Culture and Youth.

Branimir Spajić and Diana Gluhak Spajić participated in the lectures of the Conference as representatives of the company RED FORK for research and development in biotechnology. dr. sc. Sven Maričić from Jurja Dobrila University in Pula held an invited lecture on the topic "Importance of 3D and VR technologies in vocational education". ​


During two exciting days, the topics of further development of higher education and business connections in the future were discussed. The conference pointed out the importance of future education and the important changes in curricula, dual education, innovation alliances, entrepreneurial education and cooperation between universities and business that will have to take place. Furthermore, the conference was aimed at strengthening cooperation between universities and business companies with the aim of the future development of higher education.

This was a very interesting topic for RED FORK because we combine science and business in successful projects that find a place on the market.

RECIRCUL8 konferencija

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Branimir Spajić

Branimir Spajić

Branimir Spajić

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