The City of Sisak, with the support of the Mayor of Sisak Kristina Ikić Baniček, is the first city in Croatia to participate in the EU project CLIKIS, which aims to improve energy efficiency in school kitchens by measuring energy consumption of kitchen appliances and staff training. Since the goal of the European Union is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by at least 40% by 2030, and by 2050 to establish a circular economy and reduce waste to a minimum, the significance of this project for the City of Sisak is greater. The goal of Mayor Kristina Ikić Baniček is to provide students with healthy meals through the Healthy Meal Standard project, but also to improve the energy efficiency of school kitchens, which ultimately means multiple savings and less impact on climate change.

The project also involves partners from Germany: IZT Institute for Future Studies and Technology Assessment, Wuppertal Institute for Climate, Environment, Energy and Estonia: Estonian Green Movement (EGM). The project was also supported by the German government through the EUKI Fund for Climate Initiative and Sustainability. The CLIKIS project is being implemented in primary schools in the City of Sisak from 2020 to 2022 with the company leader for the Republic of Croatia, RED FORK, and the results will be presented at an international conference in the City of Sisak in October 2022.

In the first phase of the project, schools have already received help in preparing healthier meals, and yesterday devices were installed to measure energy consumption in the primary school kitchen of elementary school 22. Lipnja, and weekly menus, food preparation and distribution to students that day were reviewed. Goran Grgurač, Head of Education, Culture, Sports, Veterans’ Affairs and Civil Society, visited the elementary school 22. Lipnja as the first school covered by the CLIKIS project, who stated: projects aimed at strengthening healthy eating and climate efficiency are in line with the long-term strategy and action plan of the European Green Deal but also with the European strategy on health issues related to nutrition, overweight and obesity. The city of Sisak is a modern city that follows modern strategic guidelines with the aim of welfare of children.

Today we are visiting the elementary school Viktorovac, where the same will be done as in the elementary school 22. Lipnja, and after we are going to the other schools of the City of Sisak. The CLIKIS project will harmonize the requirements of a healthy and balanced diet with the requirements of climate protection while reducing costs that are primarily related to the school kitchens. Upon completion of the measurement, all elementary schools will also receive detailed reports on climate impact along with recommendations for improvements. For the City of Sisak, this means to stand side by side with the leading activities and projects of advanced education systems in elementary schools of the European Union.

In this photo, left to right

Bojan Pavlić chef of elementary school 22.lipnja, Višnja Perković cook of elementary school 22.lipnja, principal of elementary school 22.lipnja Azra Rađenović, Bachelor of Nutrition and member of the Clikis Team for Nutrition Patricija Kreš, Jasenka Gajdoš Kljusurić, PhD from the Laboratory for Measurement, Control and of Faculty of Food Technology, cook of elementary school 22.lipnja Kristina Tominac, Head of Education, Culture, Sports, Defenders and Civil Society of the City of Sisak Goran Grgurač, Head of the Clikis project, employee of the Institute for Future Studies and Technology Assessment – Berlin Malte Schmidthals, CEO of RED FORK company and the leader of CLIKIS team Branimir Spajić, Project manager of RED FORK company, Head of the Healthy Meal Standard and Head of the Clikis Team Diana Gluhak Spajić, President of Avokado Association to promote plant nutrition, ecological awareness and member of the Clikis Team for Culinary Team Ana Stuparić, President of the Croatian Association for Consumer Protection and Member of the Clikis Team for Communications Ana Knežević.

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