A partnership meeting between Juraj Dobrila University in Pula and RED FORK within the DYNAMIC Erasmus+ project was held at the end of September in Pula.

Within the DYNAMIC project, students of the Department of Technical Studies – Juraj Vivoda and Ante Bačić do professional practice working on project tasks. Student Ante Bačić participates in a practice that includes modeling devices for receiving, mixing and dosing food supplements, and student Juraj Vivoda a container for organic substances. In addition to experts from RED FORK, their mentors are Assoc. dr. sc. Sven Maričić, director of the VISIO Institute with the assistance of Ivan Veljović, mag. ing. mech.

The two-day visit began with a meeting at the Rectorate, where the University Administration hosted partners and the DYNAMIC University Project Team. Vice Rector for Cooperation, Innovation and Technology Transfer Assoc. dr. sc. Valter Boljunčić presented a short history of the University and described the strategic orientation for the future. On that occasion, the current and potential future cooperation was discussed. The partners planned future activities, implementation and monitoring in the context of the current epidemiological situation and the specific circumstances of working in the virtual domain.

The next day was scheduled for the presentation of student papers. With their effort, commitment, discipline and responsibility, and above all talent and demonstrated motivation, the students delighted our partners from the University.

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