What is CLIKIS?

The project “CLIKIS  – Climate and Energy Efficient Kitchens in Schools” aims to make a contribution to climate protection and shows how energy-efficient cooking can be achieved in school kitchens.

School meals are a sensitive area: not only should they be cooked in a healthy, child-friendly and affordable way, the food for the students should also be of high quality..

With the CLIKIS project, we aim to balance these requirements with the requirements of climate protection.

Project background

The EU’s goal is to reduce emissions by at least 40 percent by 2030 and 80 to 95 percent by 2050, primarily by expanding renewable energies and increasing energy efficiency.

“Nutrition” is of comparable importance for the climate as the other energy-intensive areas of “housing” or “mobility”.

However, in contrast to the fuel gauge in the car or the gas and electricity consumption, the climate effect of our food is not directly perceivable or visible.

The climate impact consists of many direct and/or indirect factors such as the deforestation of rainforests for cattle breeding or soy cultivation, methane emissions from ruminants, the cooling chain, the use of artificial fertilizers, the amount of waste or the transport route of foodstuffs.

Our services

Our range of services is broad and offers optimum support for climate- and energy-efficient kitchens in communal catering:

– Climate effectiveness of the menus offered and their components as well as energy consumption in the kitchen
– A brief analysis of your community kitchen and a discussion of possible optimisation proposals from a climate protection perspective
– Proposals for climate-friendly and sustainable nutrition – not only for school kitchens
– A climate-friendly weekly meal plan
– Organic, Fair Trade and MSC in your dishes
– Presentation of the Internet emission calculator such as “Klimateller” on the climate relevance of various foodstuffs
– Climate impacts of agriculture and food

Planned project results

– A guidebook which shows the practical way of a (school) kitchen to more climate and energy efficiency 
– Training material, in particular for school kitchen managers and vocational school teachers
– Trained experts in school kitchen consulting
– Training of school kitchens
– Concepts, materials, and guidelines for different training formats
– We offer lectures and on-site training in vocational schools, school kitchens and schools.

CLIKIS project contact

IZT Institute for Futures Studies and Technology Assessment gGmbH,
Schoppenhauerstr. 26,  14129 Berlin, Germany.
Malte Schmidthals,
Tel. +(49)030  803 088 20,

The European Climate Initiative (EUKI)​

The project on which this publication is based on is funded by ‘The European Climate Initiative (EUKI) under the contract number 81260355. EUKI is a project financing instrument by the German Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety (BMU). Its implementation is supported by the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH (Project duration: 9/2020 – 12/2022). 


Potsdamer Platz 10,
10117 Berlin – Deutschland
Tel.: +49 (0)30 338424 570
email: info@euki.de
web: https://www.euki.de/

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